"Loose Change" 66 Chevy II (Ultra Street)

A little back ground on the 66 Chevy II in the Ultra Street class on a 275 radial at Bradenton. We made a handful of runs on a 275 radial in Ultra Street with a run of the mill bracket racing caliber 23 degree 427 sbc, Brodix T1, Bullet 680 lift roller camshaft ect ect with a PKRE plate in 2014 with this car. Our goals at that time were to be ahead in any given race at the 60 foot block, and also go a five teen 1/8 mile with the mild engine we had to work with. We accomplished our goal out of the box in a handful of laps and  a guy we know  was impressed with the performance and decided he wanted the engine, so we unloaded it. Here we are 3-4 years later and the class has changed drastically with the pro charger and turbo cars in the 4.70's. Our goals haven't changed only this time around we have 140 plus mph power versus the 131 mph power we had before with the run of the mill power we ended up selling. We'll now see where double O reaction times on the .370 pro tree at Bradenton  coupled with 140 plus mph power lands us at the stripe. Sounds pretty simple huh? The emphasis will be on momentum at the 1-2 shift because we know we're gonna have plenty of power to back half decently.  I have a Cortina core torque converter we're gonna put to use, it should be real interesting because it's a one off and not a clone of any converter currently in the class.  Another interesting aspect of the car is the rear dampers we have on the back of the car, as they're a one off as well nobody has seen in the class so we're definitely not copying or cloning anyone in that department either. I had an old friend in NJ Paul Yerger (Paul's Converters) reconfigured the  cortina core converter for the new power and I have all the confidence in the world in it working killer for this application. The rear dampers on the car are unique in their own right as well, in that they have two way adjuster's on rebound to separately adjust low and high speed force on rebound. We found this capability to be crucial in getting the progressor to 100% early after transmission brake release in achieving goals in the handful of laps we put on the run of the mill 131 mph power we were working with previously. So needless to say It'll be real interesting to see how early we can get all the power progressed in after transmission brake release with adjustments in these two area's without wheel standing the car or knocking the tire off. Ultimately we're gonna run the guts out of this deal early in the run and with the potential for rpm being what it is with our new power plant, there will be no shortage of power at the stripe carrying just about any given engine rpm. The more the merrier for mph. It goes without saying I'll be disassembling this engine quite a bit for maintenance purposes but in between we're gonna run the guts out of it! Thanks for following along! I'll keep you posted here on progress. Have a fine one!


Motown Block, Melling Billet Shark Tooth oil pump, Callies Magnum crankshaft, Callies Ultra rods.

Engine setup and assembly done by Mike Rietow. I'm real pleased with the quality and performance we have seen first hand with the Mellings billet oil pumps. I left the heavy spring which came installed in the oil pump from Mellings to baseline where that lands the engine oil pressure around 8,500 rpms at the stripe, I'll adjust if need be at that time. We plan on running lightweight oil per rod and main bearing clearances.